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While Shaginapi By the Lake Resort offers countless options for relaxation and entertainment, sportsmen and sportswomen have ample opportunities to try their hand at some hunting. Shaginapi By the Lake Resort is proud to offer some of the best small game hunting in Ocqueoc, MI, with our bountiful land being home to many types of small animals.

Depending on the time of year, you will find many excellent game hunting opportunities here at Shaginapi By the Lake Resort. Our land is populated with small turkeys, partridge, and other birds. We are a prime location for rifle season, when you can find plentiful deer in our forests. You are sure to have a successful hunting trip, and you’ll enjoy the ultimate in grass-fed, naturally sourced meats, too!

Hunting provides many necessary services to our forests in Michigan, including population control. Our hunters help keep animal populations down to levels that are compatible with human activity. For instance, hunting results in fewer incidents where deer are hit by oncoming cars, which is a safety issue on many local roads. Hunters also fund a large portion of conservation efforts in Michigan, ensuring that our land stays beautiful for years to come.

Visit our beautiful property the next time you are planning a small game hunting trip, or give us a call to plan an extended stay. Whether you are looking to hunt small game or deer, we are sure you will find your excursion to be a successful one.

Shaginapi By the Lake Resort is proud to be a top-quality source for small animal hunting in Ocqueoc, MI.

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